About us

01 We’re on the food market since 1994, we’ve built our production of salt sticks on the green field. Currently SELI sells its products in the big chains in Czech Republic and exports to many european countries and The USA.
02 We’re family run bussiness since 1994 owned 100% by Mr. Milan Lipavský.
03 SELI produces not only salt sticks (5 different sizes, flavours), beer sticks, crackers and popcorn, we’re also distributor of quality german chocolates Piasten, Wiebold, austrian coffee ALVORADA seasonal product from Austria Hauswirth. We trade with sunflower oil. Our manufactured and distributed products (salt sticks, chocolates, coffee) are also sold in the form of the gift boxes and gift baskets.
04 We place great emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers. Our production combines the latest automatic machines with handmade. We use only high quality and certified raw materials from the proven Czech suppliers.
05 We use EDI system for electronic communication with customers.
Our reference customers e.g.: